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Your pizza packaging is the vehicle of greatest exposure and consumer interaction in your business!

Does the average consumer see packaging as something that can impact or influence their buying decisions?

Is your pizza box doing everything it can for you?  Until you switch to zaBOX, the answer is NO!
In an effort to differentiate your pizza chain from the competition, you have probably offered two-for-ones, extra toppings and free side orders. Or you’ve tied in your promotion to the latest movie craze or “hyped” sports event. The question remains: is that all there is to do?

That’s where zaBOX comes in! According to an article in Pizza Marketing Quarterly, most pizza companies ignore packaging as a tool, and instead view it as merely a carrying vessel. But zaBOX is more than just a means to get your pizza from point A to point B. Its ingenious design incorporates a smaller storage option for keeping leftover slices in the refrigerator, and ease of disposal — no more wrestling the box into the trash.

What does that mean to you? Convenience for your Customers. Brand Retention. Innovative Marketing Opportunity and ultimately, Increased Market Share. It’s all beneficial to you, and it’s all in zaBOX!

Let’s look at those benefits a little closer:

Convenience for your Customer

“In the research we conducted with ZABOX it was concluded that within all of the different market segments considered: elderly, college kids, small families, large families, people living in metropolitan areas... there was a high percentage of people (8 in 10) that found traditional pizza boxes to be inconvenient for different reasons. For some, “storage“ is an issue. There is a demand for a convenient method to store pizza temporarily in the fridge. Others feel that disposing of the box is more difficult than it really should be; people typically spend too much time breaking down the box to make it small enough to fit in kitchen garbage cans, says Bill Volz, President – Windshield Marketing. “An improved and more convenient pizza box will dramatically increase sales.“

Brand Retention

Simple: Utilizing the storage feature will keep your name in households for an extended period of time. The longer the ZABOX stays in the household the more profound the brand retention.

Innovative Marketing Opportunity

If ZABOX is integrated into your marketing plan you will change the way customers view their preferred source for pizza. Existing customers will now enjoy more benefits with your product and your competitors' customers will flock to you for an even more enjoyable dining experience.

Increased Market Share

Our market research demonstrated that incorporating zaBOX into your marketing plan will not only solidify your customer base but bring you incremental sales.

zaBOX is the true differentiator, and convenience is the unique positioning statement that will change the perception of your organization in the eyes of the pizza-buying public, positioning you head and shoulders above the competition.

In the struggle to garner market share points, the unique selling propositions (USPs) for each regional chain which were established to create market position – have long since lost their impact. In an industry where just the slightest change in market dynamics can mean hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and profits... doesn’t it make sense to begin to posture yourself with a real differentiator or innovation that will ring true in the ears of pizza consumers?

Your Competitive Edge: Marketing & Innovation

Peter Drucker, well known Fortune 100 business consultant, author and speaker said that there are two things that control the growth and profit of your business and everything else is an expense. Those two things are marketing and innovation. For years, most pizza companies have relied on the 2-for-1 offers, the extra toppings or the free side-orders... and because everyone seems to copy each other – these items are hardly innovative and prove to be costly.

In this day and age when innovation is mostly something organizations look to benefit from internally... a faster process, cheaper costs... we submit to you that zaBOX is not only a phenomenal innovation serving as a true differentiator and great marketing message, but an innovation that can be truly “passed on” as a huge benefit to your pizza loving audience... convenience. And it doesn’t end there.

How can zaBOX transform your business?

Here are 6 additional reasons why zaBOX can revolutionize perception, market-position and your bottom line.

  1. Gain market share
    The impact is simple and profound. 1 quarter of 1 percent is worth 100 million dollars in sales.

  2. Retain market share
    If you're not gaining or staying constant you’re losing revenue, just 1 share point translates into a 400 million dollar loss.

  3. Post purchase advertising and customer retention
    Your pizza packaging is the vehicle of greatest exposure and consumer interaction in your business!  No other element in your business has the highest frequency of customer contact. Nothing comes close.

  4. Your unique packaging can influence consumer’s perception
    This is proven via scientific research. The fact is, there’s a connection between the packaging and perceived product quality. Dominate mindshare – Experiential learning is a powerful way to enter into your target’s psyche. As people interact and “experience” your box – psychologically, your branding occurs on a much deeper level. Once the customer experiences your box, then the “word of mouth” campaign spreads and advances your marketing at no additional cost to you, further penetrating the collective consciousness through the recommended experience of trusted friends and relatives. Successful advertisers realize that direct experience and word of mouth are some of the most effective strategies to gain and retain customers.

  5. Longer Exposure
    A unique aspect is convenient storage – increasing sustainability, thus keeping your branding, coupons, logo and marketing collateral “in their face” for a longer period of time.

As pizza lovers we realize that when product quality is discussed and compared... it’s the ingredients, taste and even pizza-making methods that people usually refer to. For pizza connoisseurs, there is no argument... and there will never be any compromise. But Gourmet pizza is not always an option – as is the case for the majority of the pizza-ordering public.

“Packaging” plays a crucial role. What counts is not only what a pizza is like when it comes from the oven, and how it’s eaten... but the “clean-up” factor, as well.

How quickly can we order?  How quickly will it be delivered?  How quick and easy is the meal.. and ultimately – how quick is the “clean up”?  These are the questions that all lead up to one word — and that word is convenience.

The question isn’t whether zaBOX is the best pizza box ever invented? Or whether zaBOX will change the way you are perceived in the marketplace?

The question really is... will you be the one to bring this innovation to your pizza-loving customer?

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