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Get ahead of your competitors by being one of the first to launch zaBOX in your region.

Where can you find potential for growth in sales and market share? Leadership in innovation? Competitive edge? With this ingenious new pizza box, it's all in zaBOX!

As pizza store and restaurant owners learn that they can provide their customers an even MORE convenient pizza take-out experience by offering them zaBOX, you will want to be poised and ready to provide this groundbreaking new package to them.

zaBOX is an exciting new box that's unlike any other pizza box out there. Imagine:

  1. A box that easily splits in two, for easy disposal, and...

  2. One half can quickly be converted to a smaller box to store leftover pizza

  3. The cost for this added convenience is comparable to current boxes!

Why would anyone want to stick with the old pizza box?

Get ahead of your competitors by being one of the first to launch zaBOX in your region. Or, consider the possibilities of an exclusive deal on zaBOX, where stores and restaurants must come to you in order to purchase the box that their customers WILL be asking for.

This new box is going to be hot, hot, hot!

Based on initial introductions of zaBOX to independent and chain-owned pizza restaurants, the overwhelmingly positive response and enthusiasm will translate into huge demand, spreading quicker than melting cheese and offering distributors a chance to provide a hot new product to existing customers.

You can sell zaBOX on its own, or leverage the box as part of a package deal. Either way, don't risk losing existing customers who will be forced to buy zaBOX from other forward-thinking distributors. Strike while the pizza oven is hot and contact us for more information on this opportunity!

Offering the zaBOX is a no brainer. Think about the impact on the following? How would being a distributor of this new technology impact:

  • Sales?
  • Market share?
  • Sales of all your other products? What if you can leverage the box as part of a “package “promotion?
  • Leadership?
  • Your competitive edge?
  • Make you more resistant to competition?

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