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Introducing the
best pizza box...
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Now, in just seconds a typical pizza box is converted into a half-sized version that is perfect for easy left-over storage or disposal!

Introducing the best pizza box... zaBOX!

What if you could set yourself apart from the pizza competition and give your customer even more of what they want? zaBOX is a pizza box that splits in two, allowing leftover pizza to be easily stored in the refrigerator, or making box disposal easy. In an industry where everyone seems to copy the competition in hopes of better profits, doesn't it make sense to offer an innovation which is truly a game changer? With zaBOX you can increase profits, significantly differentiate your pizza, and retain more customers through a product that grabs attention by really adding consumer value.

Whether you are national chain, an independent pizzeria owner, a manufacturer or distributor, zaBOX works harder for you, so you don't have to work so hard.

Contact us to receive a demonstration box and to receive more information on how you can transform your business with zaBOX.

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